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La Nouvelle Vie de Paul Sneijder.....Nurse (CARAMEL FILMS)

For the Love of Poe.....Martin Skald (HAMMERMAN FILMS)

Duplicando.....Matteo (HAMMERMAN FILMS)

The Cedar's Tears.....James Matteau (HAMMERMAN FILMS)


Pyro & Ponix.....Ponix (LES 100 SENS)

Burnout.....Charlie (7P11)

Showtime.....Bartender (WARNER BROTHERS)

Sorority Boys.....Chainman (TOUCHSTONE PICTURES)

Windtalkers.....Marine (MGM)


30 Vies.....Gangster (AETIOS / RADIO-CANADA)
24/7 Patrice Lemieux.....FBI Agent (KOTV / SUPER ÉCRAN)
The Fixer.....Coast Guard (MUSE ENTERTAINEMENT)
Chicanes de Voisins.....Vincenzo Pizzi (ANÉMONE FILMS)
Policier Criminel.....Patrouilleur (N12 PRODUCTION / CANAL D)
Providence.....Police Officer (CBC / RADIO-CANADA)

Boston Public.....Student Wrestler (FOX TV)

Zion 7.....Joseph Aran (PAX TV)

America's Most Wanted.....Orange Vendor (FOX TV)


École Promédia Broadcasting School / TV-Radio (Montréal, Québec)
Simmons & Scott Acting / On-Camera acting, cold reading, scene study, improvisation (
Burbank, California)

Act Now Acting Workshops (Sherman Oaks, California)

Hollywood Performing Art Center (Hollywood, California)

On-Camera Acting / Scene study (University of Oklahoma Film Department)

Phonetics and improvisation / Champlain College (St-Lambert, Québec)

Improvisation training (Greenfield Park, Québec)

Fluent in English, French and Italian

Former international caliber athlete in track and field (all sports; summer and winter)

Martial arts (Karate, Shorin-Ryu style)

Weaponry (Enfield Riffle / Magnum 357 / Beretta 90-Two)

Modeling  (sports, casual, and high fashion wear)